At Ellermann, we thrive in a culture of collaboration and creativity. We work hard, but we do it because we love it. We are passionate about flowers, and even more passionate about making people happy through our flower creations.
We are very proud of how much we’ve grown since first opening our doors in 2011. Still, we are an ambitious bunch, and we’re constantly looking for new ways – and people – to help us grow. 
We are always searching for creative and passionate people to join our team.
Please email your CV and cover letter to and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to work for Ellermann.

Current Openings

Senior Florist 

We are currently taking applications from senior florists for our floral boutiques in Landmark, Pacific Place and Wong Chuk Hang Atelier. Florists must have 2-3 years experience working as a florist with focus on hand-tied bouquets and a natural, organic style. Applicants must be well presented, friendly and hardworking with excellent communication skills in both English and Cantonese.

Full-time position, 5.5 day week. 

Now taking applications in Sept 2018



Get to know some of our dynamic Ellermann family. 

Diane, Founder & Creative Director 

Most likely to be found…Travelling around Asia, working on exciting projects or finding new ideas and inspirations. When I’m in Hong Kong, you’ll find me brainstorming with my team (most likely with a piece of chocolate and a coffee in my hand) or working on floral proposals and designs.

Favourite flower… It’s like naming a favourite child – it would break both mine and their heart! But if I’d have to pick (what a bad mother!) I’d say I really admire Iris. I find they hold their heads up with pride and have an almost regal appearance while remaining humble, never fighting for attention.

Favourite Ellermann moment… Every time I hear our team members talk passionately about Ellermann and how it feels like a family and how working here inspires and fulfils them. It makes me very happy and proud.

Maggie, Principal Florist 

Favourite part of my job… I love every part of my job, but if I really have to pick one part, I would say it’s when I’m working on a flower arrangement. That's when I feel a true sense of calmness within myself.

Favourite flower… All flowers are my friend! I have a different favourite for every occasion or gifting purpose. 

Favourite flower moment… Way back when Ellermann first started, Diane, myself and a group of our team worked our first event with over 100 tables. It's just a really memorable, happy memory!

Last time I gave someone flowers…I can’t remember! Rather than gifting flowers, I am usually the one who receives them! :) 

Stephanie, Marketing Manager

Favourite part of my job… Brainstorming creative ideas – whether it bedirection for a campaign shoot or venue set-ups for workshops.

Favourite flower… Iris because it always reminds me of my best friend of the same name!

Did you know… I am a Sentō (Japanese public bathhouse)addict. I always have a small towel and shower gel ready in my bag when travelling to Japan so I can pop in any random bathhouse around the city and enjoy!

Last time I gave someone flowers… My mum. I gave her a bunch of purple flowers on a random Friday. I just wanted to surprise her and it worked perfectly.

Flora, Floral Manager

Favourite part of my job… Seeing happy faces when customers recieve their flowers. 

Did you know… Despite my age, I’ve still don’t feel old. I credit flowers for keeping me positive and open minded.

Favourite Ellermann moment… Every time we receive flowers with new colours or textures. Each is like receiving another surprising gift fromthe nature!

Last time I gave someone flowers… It was for a welcominggift, when Stephanie and Kathrene joined our Ellermann family.

Nicole, Project Florist

Most likely to be found working on… Every bits andpieces of a florists’ routine work, creative proposals for events, weddings, projects, and shooting social media photography.

Favourite flowers… Hellebore, scabiosa and chocolate cosmo.

Did you know… I love planning my travel around flowers and visiting local flower markets… and creating arrangements for the hosts who let me sleep on their couch as a gift!

Favourite Ellermann moment… When I first stepped into Ellermann’s atelier in the summer of 2015 and realised it was a special place. I felt like I belonged, unlike everywhere else.

New, Driver

Favourite part of my job… Planning floral installations and arrangements for weddings, private dinners and galas.

Did you know…  I've worked in different industries but I’ve always had a huge passion for cooking.

Favourite Ellermann moment… Surprising the team with a homemade birthday cake.

Last time I gave someone flowers… I gave my wife a bunch of hand-picked wild flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Louise, Florist

Most likely to be found working on… Floral design and bespoke bouquets for our Lane Crawford exclusive orders.

Favourite flower… Each flower has its own natural beauty and I basically love all of them, no matter the size, texture or colour.

Did you know… My career path twisted to floral design at the age of 36, which is when I started as a junior florist in a local flower shop. It was a huge change for me, and I am very happy and proud of myself for being brave enough to achieve what I really wanted to do.

Last time I gave someone flowers… It was last Valentine’sDay, when I gave my boyfriend a hand-tied bouquet.

Yan, Florist

Most likely to be found working on… Bouquets from Ellermann's current collection and bespoke orders. Sometimes I work with the team for events too.

Favourite part of my job… Creatingbeautiful flower arrangement makes me really happy. Especially when I have room to test new combinations.

Did you know… I am a big foodie and I am very keen on trying new dishes or restaurants.

Favourite Ellermann moment... When Maggie sings! It's just super funny!